Ts relation

ts ts or TS is in medical terminology as an extension of another or a longer word. TS relates to the webbing of fingers & toes, cognitive abnormalities & autism. It appears to be a representative word or 'letters - literally' to attach to a much bigger or longer word. ISO/TS 20273:2017 provides guidance for setting appropriate weld quality requirements in relation to fatigue. ISO/TS 20273:2017 is applicable to fusion (arc and/or beam welding) welded steel plate-type structures having a thickness of >3 mm, which are subjected to cyclic loading. Wouldn’t it be handy if you had a list of rules to help you with PR? Well, here you go! We thought we’d make it easier for you to get to grips with public relations, so we put together this handy list of do’s and don’ts to help you develop your strategy and manage journalist relationships. DO: Wo Relationship between TS,TSS and TDS. These three solids tests can be related with Equation :TS = TSS +TDS. Total Solids. For regulatory and treatment purposes, total solids (TS) can first be classified as suspended or dissolved. Total solids, as defined by Standard Methods and EPA, is the material Consider the relation of temperature and time at a particular place, with time, temperature keeps increasing till it reaches a certain maximum at some definite time and then it starts decreasing again, So we see that time is directly related to temperature, at any given time we get unique temperature, so this is a real-life use case of relations. TS = TSS + TDS . Related Answers. Where can I find more information about white water pH in the pulp and paper industry? How can Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC) be measured? What do the units NH3-N mean? What is the difference between the turbidity units NTU, FNU, FTU, and FAU? What is a JTU? What are the CL17sc wetted materials? ... Hi everyone, I need to activate a PO workflow, every PO created should be 'ordered' by a purchaser. How can I accomplish this ? I thought activate the event: ws140000089 (one step po approval). But how can I identify the 'ts' task Disclaimer. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Anat Talmon, Karni Ginzburg, Chased by the Past: The Relation Between Childhood Maltreatment and Fear of Childbirth, Sex Roles, 10.1007/s11199-018-0984-7, (2018). Crossref Anat Talmon, Karni Ginzburg, Between Childhood Maltreatment and Shame, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 10.1177/0361684317702503, 41 , 3, (325-337), (2017). TS: Thor Shield (G2 Consulting) TS: Tough Save (baseball) TS: Tending Side: TS: Tesselated Sheroid: TS: Test/Type Specification: TS: Science and Engineering Support Office (NIMA) TS: Thresher-Separator: TS: Tidewater Southern Railway Company: TS: Temple Siege (game) TS: Trembler Switch: TS: Tropical Staining (philately) TS: Trabzon Spor Klübü ...

A place for dark skinned desi guys and girls

2017.02.14 20:09 qwertyified A place for dark skinned desi guys and girls

Colourism is a bitch, but its an even bigger bitch within the south Asian community. Lets talk, discuss, rant and find ways to tackle this issue which often takes a back seat in conversations.

2016.07.28 21:24 CAP034 Boundless Potential on YouTube

Boundless Potential is a YouTube channel dedicated to producing motivational videos, goal tutorials and vlogs. This Subreddit is geared towards the YouTube channel Boundless Potential ,however, it serves a duel purpose of hosting motivational link, text and picture posts! If you have something motivational, share it for the benefit of the world here on BoundlessPotential! *PLEASE READ THE SIDE BAR BEFORE POSTING*

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2020.09.18 14:21 xinowa_chatbot Xinowa - A accounting Chatbot for Business Owners

Xinowa - A accounting Chatbot for Business Owners
For Business Owners, it is very difficult to always ask the accountant for Accounting Information. We are introducing Xinowa accounting Chatbot. Now you can interconnect xero and WhatsApp to get all information related to accounting. Just fire your query on WhatsApp and get information on WhatsApp under 10 seconds.
XINOWA offers Accounting chatbot. You can register on xinowa.com and update WhatsApp and ready to go. You can request for Receivables, Bank Balances, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Sales Report, etc.
XINOWA Benefits:
Ø Faster Results: Know Your Accounting Information in less than 10 seconds through WhatsApp Accounting Chatbot.
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Ø Channel: Uses WhatsApp which is World’s most widely used Channel for communication.
Feathers of XINOWA:
Ø Get a real-time view of your cash flow. Log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, Tablet or Phone to get a real-time view of your cash flow. It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.
Ø Run your business on the go. Use Xero mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims – from anywhere.
Ø Get paid faster with online invoicing. Send online invoices to your customers – and get updated when they’re opened.
Ø Reconcile in seconds. Xero imports and categorizes your latest bank transactions. Just click ok to reconcile.
The world is changing at rapid pace with advent of Technology such as Internet, Artificial Intelligence and so are the requirements of humans. More and more organisations are struggling to manage the pace of this change and will not be able to cope on a standalone basis. To help businesses manage the ever-changing world, they will need a strong partner to support either for growth by providing Skilled resources, developing right Technology to manage business change or guide them to take better decisions.
At Corient, we support Accountants and Businesses by providing Accounting, Payroll, Consulting, Back Office, Analytics, Management Information services by blending best of both- People and Technology. Corient stands for Client (C) Oriented Company. All the things we do is undertaken with Our Clients at centre of it. We blend on our services with the state-of-the-art processes (best in class) with your company culture to provide tailor made services to meet your requirements and help you focus on your core business.
Try 30 days free trial here xinowa.com
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2020.09.18 14:10 AutoModerator Twice-Weekly Politics Thread - Weekend Edition (Fri-Sun)

Please post all your Politics/Ban-related ideas, initiatives, comments, suggestions, news articles, and recommendations in this thread. Unless new information is published in the media, recurring articles related to the gov'ts possible legislation are to be posted here. These threads will be posted Monday and Friday each week.
Previous politics threads can be found here.
We understand that politics is a touchy subject, and at times things can get heated. A reminder of the subreddit rules, when commenting, where subreddit users are epected to abide.
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2020.09.18 10:18 damonroe Can a successful/sustainable Crafter give a break down of their thinking?

Im really beginning to enjoy crafting but at my level it is horrendously expensive and wasteful, I am for now residing myself to the EP1 on quantity afk grind, letting my crafting skills build while I get on with work elsewhere around the home.
Looking forward I would like to begin to understand how the more experienced crafters in the game think so as to avoid pitfalls beginner crafters make.
When you pick an item to craft, how are you calculating the needed success rate to be sustainable? How important a BP Quality and Crafting skills in relation to that success rate? Before getting into a niche how can you tell if it would be worthwhile, like what markers do you look for before you pick items to craft? What do you look to avoid?
Then as a crafter when you get the 'formula' correct how profitable can it actually be?
And any general advice to beginner crafters in terms of DO's & DON'Ts?
(Im not asking you to expose your edge or markets you are involved in, merely your thought process in what to craft and why)
[Copied over from pcf]
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2020.09.18 06:09 phillodendron Dupixent facial flares solution: Stopping all moisturizer on my face cleared extreme flaking and redness. Counter-intuitive but it seems to work!

Hi everyone, here's an update to my earlier post: Infamous Dupixent facial flares (with photos) - For the time being it seems to have gone away completely. So I'm sharing what helped and what I learnt.
TL,DR: Shocking but I stopped applying moisturizer to my face and my facial flares completely cleared up. I had tried itraconazole and it didn't seem to be working that well. If you are experiencing head and neck dermatitis that looks like the photos in my previous post, maybe you could try stopping moisturizer for a while to see if that helps you. It's a free solution anyway.
I live in the US but saw a dermatologist in Singapore this week (Jay at Singapore Skin Health Center) who specializes in treating chronic eczema and topical steroid withdrawal. I found out about this clinic through TS_Withdrawal as others have been finding success with treating their eczema there. (Here's another Redditor's post on how the laser treatment worked for them: Laser treatment update : Arm rash almost cleared after 3rd session. It used to be super inflamed at the elbow folding area). I liked that the clinic specialized in eczema and steroid withdrawal, compared to dermatologists who cover a range of very different skin issues and often focus more on lucrative botox/fillers/facial rejuvenation type treatments. I was desperate and set up the consultation with the idea that if it seemed convincing, I would be willing to stop working and stay on in Singapore for 3-6 months with weekly sessions of $200 USD laser treatment to treat my facial flares. Expensive, but I was exhausted and desperate.
However, I ended up only doing a 2 hour consultation. The dermatologist basically said that I was doing absolutely fine on Dupixent and didn't need the laser to manage the facial flares. And I learnt a SHIT ton about chronic eczema, skin, Dupxient, and triggers for flares during those two hours than I have with the six dermatologists I've seen in Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.
But the most important lesson was to stop using moisturizers - counter-intuitive, I know**.** For eczematous skin, moisturizers (especially occlusive agents like petrolatum and paraffin that are often viewed as 'hypoallergenic') do far more harm than good, and contribute to redness and inflammation by creating an occlusive barrier that signals to your oil glands to stop producing oil. Your skin tries to get rid off the hardened occlusive barrier by cycling through redness and flaking. And the cycle repeats because we see the dryness and flaking and apply more moisturizer. This is only for people with chronic eczema and the redness+flaking - people with normal skin can use moisturizers because their skin barrier is a lot healthier and stronger.
During our consultation, I told him about the theory that the facial flares were a hypersensitivity to Malassezia that itraconazole and ketaconozole had been prescribed to me, but it hadn't seemed to be working too well, and the intense red flare would return after I stopped the anti-fungals. He's familiar with Dupixent but it's not currently approved as a treatment in Singapore.
He examined my skin and said there were no markers of a fungal infection (Malassezia infection on faces / seb derm comes with a signature 'border' and the red patches I have were flat). He highly doubted it was fungal. Quoting him, he said "Besides thickness (for example, the skin on your face and your eyelids are the thinnest, and there's less fat under the skin of your face compared to the rest of your body), your skin is the same everywhere. It doesn't make sense that Dupixent can decide to 'direct the antibodies' to only your body but not your face".
His strong belief was that there was an external factor - my application of facial moisturizer to my face was causing the flares. His suggestion was to stop moisturizing completely, and to see whether flares corresponded to the application of moisturizer on my face.
When he said that, I was VERY doubtful. Annoyed even. I said there were various research papers published showing the successful treatment of itraconozole with Dupixent facial flares and that based on talking to other Redditors (haha), itraconazole seemed to work. My 2 week treatment of topical anti-fungal also kind of seemed to help at first but I admitted the flares came back with a vengeance. Jay said it could be a coincidence that if I was applying the anti-fungal cream, I stopped applying moisturizers. if it was a true fungal infection, a 1-2 week course of itraconazole would 100% knock it out, the way anti-fungals wipe out other fungal-related conditions like jock itch or fungal infection on your nails.
But after getting home I thought about how my flares seemed to spread from one patch to my whole face, and actually it was true - I had bought a new moisturizer a month before, and started liberally applying. Also, while others had reported experiencing the same facial flare redness on their neck, I only experience the flares on my face -- because I do not ever apply moisturizer to my neck.
Most importantly, there was no harm in giving this a shot.... It's free... I had expected the clinic to push me to do their laser treatment, but Jay said he didn't think it was necessary for my skin, given how well Dupixent was working for the rest of my body. Honestly, it shocked me that they didn't try to take more money from me than was necessary. I respected them for more it.
Besides not moisturizing, he said the most important thing was to NOT scratch, touch, or peel the flakes. He said there are three kinds of itching sensation: Dry skin, Irritation/Hives/flare from an allergen or irritant, and the itching you get when your skin flakes/heals. That's why taking antihistamines for Dupixent facial flare itching hasn't helped, because it's an itching sensation from the skin healing and regenerating by flaking.
And so he challenged me to stop applying moisturizers and taking anti-fungals, scratching/touching my face, let my skin heal, and to see how that goes. Admittedly I would stand in front of my mirror and rub my face the moment I felt it itch a little/peel the flakes off every day lmao and then say omg. it's so red, I'm going through a flare.
So I've followed his suggestions this week and to my ABSOLUTE shock and happiness, my skin has cleared up. It's regaining moisture, clear and healthy; not red, itchy or burning. The flakes are getting smaller and lighter. I had been struggling with the intense burning and redness for the past month, and this is the first time I've had clear skin for 7 days straight 😭 I'll see how this goes of course... but I thought this might be a useful to share. I'm not a scientist, and the fact that people report that the facial flares do go away if you stop taking Dupixent does show that Dupixent results in a kind of hypersensitivity on your face, perhaps to moisturizers? But since not moisturizing is a free solution........ maybe you guys might want to give it a shot, especially while it's still summer and not winter :)
Other valuable lessons :
Feel free to ask me any questions :)
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2020.09.17 23:52 thumbscuddles I fantasise having a TS couple

Hey everyone ,
I've been around for some years but never got the guts to post do here's my first post here ... Well I was wondering if I was the only one ho dreamed to have a relationship where TS is ok and mutual ... I'm sure I would be the best feeling in the world to just cuddle and TS with someone like me and understands it I also fantasise having a full blown physical relation while TS ... Guess I will keep on dreaming I will never find someone open to this or with the same desire ...
It could be sucking other fingers or pacifiers I don't mind I'm just curious ... I can't b the only one ...
Am I crazy or just wierd ??
If someone feels the same please let me know so that at least I'm not alone with those taughts ...
Love this community ❤️❤️❤️
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2020.09.17 22:26 NamNguyen56 The US Embassy removed Hoang Sa and Truong Sa from the map of Vietnam

The US Embassy removed Hoang Sa and Truong Sa from the map of Vietnam

The US Embassy removed Hoang Sa and Truong Sa from the map of Vietnam Vietnam (NV) - On September 15, many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction when they discovered that the US Embassy in Hanoi suddenly changed the map of Vietnam without the two Hoang Sa archipelagos. and Truong Sa.
While a day ago, social media raised many comments welcoming the US Embassy posting a map of Vietnam with these two islands.
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and the Vietnam Communist Party, on September 8, the US Embassy in Hanoi had an article highlighting important achievements, transforming the former enemy into two " trusted partners in all fields including commerce, education, energy, health, security. In it, there is the slogan "As a reliable partner, we will both prosper in the long term!"
The publication of a map of Vietnam by the US Embassy with the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagos was speculated to be a way to let Beijing know that the United States denied its "cow's tongue" sovereignty.
As noted by Facebook, the photo map of Vietnam with two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa was replaced by the admin of the US Embassy in Hanoi fanpage in Hanoi around noon September 15.
To clarify this case, the Vietnamese daily sent an email to Ms. Rachael Chen, the press attaché of the US Ambassador to Vietnam, with questions surrounding changing the image of Vietnam with Hoang Sa and Truong Sa on the fan page. . Ms. Chen then responded in English: “Would you please forward this question to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ? We recommend sending an email to that inbox for the fastest response. ”
We re-sent the email as requested but by the evening of the same day we have not received a response from the US Embassy.
At the same time, many facebookers have left feedback in the comments below the above post. Among them, Facebooker Hoang Phu asked: “Where is our Paracel Islands - Spratly Islands? (Where's our Hoang Sa, Truong Sa? "
Facebooker Le Lieu Huynh commented:" Why can't you see HS-TS [Hoang Sa, Truong Sa], where is it? "
A facebooker with nick name Tam GV asked a question. : "Why is there a map change with and without the two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa of Vietnam? The ambassadors said that it is not Vietnamese, who is it and this is the Is this change having any impact from China or the Viet Cong? "
Many questions with the same content, but people do not see the admin of the fanpage US Embassy in Hanoi answering or explaining the changing of the map Vietnam has two archipelagos of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.
In another development, the public also noticed that the US Embassy in Hanoi did not comment on the Dong Tam trial, under which there were two death sentences and a life sentence for two sons. and grandson Le Dinh Kinh.
As was customary in previous years, after the Vietnamese communist authorities' trials of dissidents or activists, the US Embassy quickly issued a statement expressing concerns about human rights.
According to observers, on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of US-Vietnam diplomatic relations, US diplomatic officials in Vietnam "avoided" mentioning the theme of "human rights" that Hanoi has always considered " sensitive. "
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2020.09.17 20:37 bikingfencer Job 13 - sins of youths

Chapter Thirteen - ’eeYOB [Job] defends upon his righteousness  
-1. “Lo, all saw, my eyes,
heard, my ear, and understood to it.
-2. As you knew I knew,
also I have not fallen, I from you.  
“I know those maxims as well as you: nor have you any knowledge of which I am not possessed.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 765)  
-3. “However [אולם, 'OoLahM] I unto ShahDah-eeY ["My Breasts", Almighty] will word, and reproof unto ’ayL [God] I desire [אחפץ, ’ehHePhahTs].  
“You pretend to be advocates for God, but ye are forgers of lies: O that God himself would appear! Before him I could soon prove my innocence of the evils of which ye charge me.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 765)  
“The expression ואולם אני [Ve‘OoLaM ‘aNiY], ‘but for me,’ is identical with that which opens Eliphaz’ advice in 5:8 and may indicate on the part of Job a sarcastic intent… Before he will directly argue… with God, Job denounces the futility or rather the viciousness of the friends’ endeavors. They are ‘plasterers of lies’ (vs. [verse] 4) because they speak falsely for God (vs. 7) and defend him with proverbs of ashes (vs. 12). Having just expounded the indiscriminate character of God’s rule over the universe of men, Job is now certain, with a magnificent inconsistency, that the same God will surely rebuke those self-appointed defenders (vs. 10). Thus the blasphemer says that God is unjust toward him, but he still believes in God’s retributive justice toward his friends!” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1002-1003)  
“Eliphaz had said (5:8), ‘But I would seek God…’; Job repeats the first words, ‘But I would speak…’ … Throughout the dialogue he alone utters prayers to God. The friends praise him, but they do not address him. They have no need of such personal reference. Their God works retribution in strict accord with human deserts, and they need only act correctly. There is nothing they need or wish to say to him, and there is no place for a relationship of love. They do not ‘reason with God,’ only about him – and, in part, wrongly.” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
-4. “And, however, you plasterers of [טפלי, ToPhLaY] falsehood,
healers worthless [אלל, ’eLeeL] all of you.
-5. Who will give the quiet [החרש, HahHahRaySh]?
Be quiet and will be to you to wisdom.  
“In Prov. [Proverbs] xvii. 28. we have the following apophthegm1 , ‘Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips a man of understanding.’” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 765)  
-6. “Hear, if you please, my reproof,
and multitudes [from my] my lips attend.  
6-11. After the emphatic ‘Hear!’ the remaining lines of this strophe begin each with the same letter [ה, Hah, an interrogative]. This famous passage is a powerful warning against a temptation that may come to all controversialists and apologists, in theological as in other contexts.” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
-7. “Do to ’ayL you word iniquity [עולה, `ahVLaH]  
7a. The Vg. [Vulgate, the authorized Latin translation of the Bible] version is still more forceful: Numquid Deus indigent vestro mendacio? ‘Does God need your lies?’” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
“and to him word deceit [רמיה, ReMeeYaH]?  
-8. Will you His face you lift up [תשאון, TheeSah’OoN]
if to ’ayL you contend?  
Will you accept his person?] Do you think to act by him as you would by a mortal; and, by telling lies in his favour, attempt to conciliate his esteem!” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 766)  
-9. “Is it good that [כי, KeeY] he interrogate [יחקר, YahHQoR] you,
if like a cheat [כהתל, KeHahTayL] in a person you cheat in him?
-10. Reproving he will reprove you,
if in concealment [בסתר, BahÇayThehR] faces you raise.
-11. Will not his majesty [שאתו, Se’ayThO] terrify [תבעת, TheBah`ayTh] you,
and fear of him fall upon you?  
-12. Your remembrances are proverbs of ash
to backs of clay are your backs.”  
“Hebr [Hebrew] gabbîm can be interpreted as ‘answers’: ‘Your answers crumble like clay’ (lit. [literally] ‘are answers of clay’).” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
Your bodies to bodies of clay.] This clause is variously translated: - your swelling heaps are swelling heaps of mire. That is, your high-flown speeches are dark, involved, and incoherent…” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 766)  
He is accusing them of being spineless.‎  
-13. “Will you quieten before me?
And I will word, I,
and pass upon me whatever [מה, MaH, “what”].  
“As is his wont, Job prefaces a daring thought (vs. 15) with a solemn call to attention (vs. 13) and a forewarning of his boldness (vs. 14).” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1003)  
“JOB REASONS WITH GOD (13:12-16, 17-22, 23-27) … the imagery adopted is inevitably forensic; i.e. [in other words], according to the conventions of the psalm lament, enemies are thought of as opponents in a lawsuit, against whom the sufferer must defend and establish his innocence. The friends have shown themselves to be such enemies, and such an enemy, according to outward appearances and the general estimation of human beings, is God himself. Thus, Job pictures him as his adversary at law (cf. [compare with] 9:32ff, [and following]) which leads him to conceive an illusory equality between himself and God and thereby to conceive a relation of justice, one to the other. It is for this misrepresentation that Job must repent at the end of the book.” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
-14. “Upon what will I lift [אשא, ’ehSah’] my flesh n my teeth,
and my soul put in my palm?  
I will take my flesh in my teeth is paralleled by the clause and put my life in my hand. Job will speak, notwithstanding the most severe risks involved (cf. 9:35-10:1). The image of vs. [verse] 14b is comparable with that of Judg. [Judges] 12:3 (cf. I Sam. [Samuel] 19:5; 28:21; Ps. [Psalm] 119:109). The expression of vs. 14a, on the contrary, is not found elsewhere in the O.T. [Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible]… It may refer to a proverbial trope…” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1003-1004)  
-15. “Lo, he will slay me [יקטלני, YeeQTeLayNeeY],
I will not wait [איחל, ’ahYahHayL],  
“The sublime expression of selfless faith, Yet will I trust in him (KJV [King James Version]), is translated not from the M.T. [Masoretic Text, the standard Hebrew Bible], but from the marginal note of the Masoretes2 . Both the text (Kethîbh) and the marginal correction (qerê) sound alike when read aloud, but the former is spelled לא ליחל, lô’ ’ayaḥēl, the latter לו איחל lô ’ayaḥēl. The famous English rendering of this verse introduces in the text a syntactic link, yet, which is neither in the consonantal MSS [manuscripts] nor in the marginal correction, but which makes the meaning apparently intended by the Masoretes more intelligible to the readers of the translations. The question of the original text is most difficult.  
“On the one hand, the M.T. לא [Lo‘], ‘not,’ is perhaps the result of an accidental corruption, for the marginal correction לו [LO], ‘to him,’ is supported by several versions which are anterior to the time when the M.T. was fixed (LXXA [Septuagint, ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, manuscript A], Syriac, Targ. [Targum, an ancient Jewish commentary], Vulg. [Vulgate, authorized Latin Bible]). The only certain fact is that the KJV is an impossibility, for even if the marginal reading לו were adopted as authentic, the natural sense of the verse would be either (a) ‘I shall wait for him, i.e., ‘to strike me,’ and I shall be in a state of defiant expectation; or (b) ‘I shall wait for it,’ i.e., ‘death,’ and I shall be adamant in my claim unto the end.  
“Against these various renderings, and consequently against the authenticity of the marginal reading לו, one must argue that the verb יחל, as it is used elsewhere in biblical Hebrew with the preposition ל suggests the sense of ‘waiting’ not for evil but for good (see 30:26). Yet one cannot translate in the direction of the KJV, ‘I shall wait for him (with confidence),’ because such a statement could not be followed immediately by the restrictive word אך [‘ahKh], ‘only,’ ‘but’, ‘nevertheless,’ in vs. 15b. If, then, one accepts the M.T. as authentic, the translation is I have no hope (RSV [Revised Standard Version])…  
“All indications point to an imminent death, and Job agrees with his friends that if the Almighty God, in whose existence he believes, intends to exterminate him, there is not for him any prospect of salvation upon this earth. But he will not be silenced by the threat or the fear of death. His courage – one might even say his arrogance – is intensified by the certainty of his innocence. He will speak at all costs. He has nothing to lose. Indeed, he has everything to gain because, if God murders him, Job will at least meet his divine enemy who has heretofore refused to answer his cry.” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1004-1005)  
yet my ways unto his face I will reprove.  
-16. Also he to me is to salvation,
for not to his face will a hypocrite [חנף, HahNayPh] come.  
“Were I, as you suppose, a secret sinner, I should not dare to make this appeal.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 766)  
“The prospect of meeting God at last, face to face, even if it means death, brings a new thought to Job’s frenzied mind. At the precise moment of his extremity, just when he considers the loss of his life to be inevitable, and therefore gives up any hope for the vindication of his righteousness, Job sees a faint glimmer in the recesses of his gloom. A new hope emerges from his very despair: ‘Even this… might become for me (the cause of my) salvation, for no godless man ever dares to face him’ (lit., ‘ever comes to his face’).  
“This is one of the most profound statements of the poem and its import would be considerably lessened, if not altogether eclipsed, were one to accept the traditional English rendering of vs. 15, yet will I trust in him. Indeed, it can hardly be maintained that the honest abandonment of this sublime mistranslation impoverishes the Bible in general or the poem of Job in particular.  
“In effect, the correct rendering I have no hope is rhetorically, psychologically, and theologically far more pregnant with meaning than the statement of ‘faith at all cost,’ when it is viewed in the light of the whole context, especially of the unexpected and dramatic lifting of tension in vs. 16. Job has announced in vs. 13 that he was going to risk his life by uttering a blasphemy. Surely it would be rhetorically grotesque were such a spiritual earthquake to peter out into an expression of submissive faith. On the contrary, one can appreciate the degree of awe with which Job himself must have said, ‘If he murders me, I have no hope.’ Likewise, there is an incomparable upsurge of diction as Job passes from the statement of his despair in vs. 15 to the sudden renewal of his hope in vs. 16.” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1005-1006)  
“He has complete faith that God, if he speaks, will speak in Job’s favor.” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
-17. “Listen, listener, [שמעו שמוע SheeMOo ShahMOah] [to] my word [מלתי, MeeLahTheeY]  
Listen carefully: Rather, ‘Keep on listening,’ ‘hear again and again,’ a prophetic expression (see Isa. [Isaiah] 6:9; 55:2) which is used in a context of antagonism and anticipates a negative reaction.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1006)  
“and my declaration [ואחותי, Ve’ahHahVahTheeY] in your ears.
-18. Behold, if you please,
I have arrayed [for] justice;  
“I am now ready to come into court…” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 766)  
I know [ידעתי, YahDah`TheeY] that [כי, KeeY] I will be [found] righteous.  
I know that I shall be vindicated (vs. 18b) sums up the stage of spiritual development which Job has reached at the end of the first cycle of discussion. Although he no longer asserts his innocence, he is certain that his righteousness will be proclaimed at the time of his trial (contrast with 19:25a, ‘I know that my Redeemer liveth’).” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1006)  
-19. “Who is he will contend with me?  
“The challenge of vs. 19a is parallel to the question of the servant of Yahweh in Isa. 50:8, ‘Who will contend with me?’ The difference is great, however, between the two passages; for in the latter the challenger is assured of God’s help and protection, while in the former Job is left alone, still contending against God.” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1006-1007)  
“For now I will quieten and expire [ואגוע, Ve’ehGVah`].  
“Since the transition between vs. 19a and vs. 19b is elliptical, and the word עתה [`ahThaH] (vs. 19b) may mean either now, ‘soon,’ or then, the whole verse is susceptible of at least two interpretations: (a) According to most commentators, Job is certain of his case and therefore asks, ‘Who is he that will risk contending with me? (If there should be such a man, and if he should succeed in proving me wrong), then [עתה] I would be silent and die.’ (b) More probably the verse indicates that Job’s cocksureness is beginning to weaken as doubts enter his mind precisely at the instant of his claim, I know that I shall be justified (vs. 18b). In order to dispel this tantalizing uncertainty, let a challenge be issued, ‘Who is [he] that will plead against me? (He should do it right early), for then [עתה] I shall be silent and expire.’  
“Job is asking for a speedy court action in view of the imminent prospect of his death. He has already said, ‘Presently, I shall lie in the earth’ (7:21). It is God, not man with whom he implicitly wants to plead. This interpretation is confirmed by the prayer of the next lines, for which vs. 19a constitutes a subtle transition.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1007)  
20-27. As on two earlier occasions (7:12ff.; 10:2 ff.), Job is led by the intensity of his religious emotion to turn abruptly from a discourse on God to a direct appeal.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1007)  
-20. “Only [אך, ’ahKh] two do not with me,
then from your face I will not conceal:
-21. your palm from upon me distance,
and your terror [ואמתך, Ve'ayMahTheKhah] not burn me [תבעתני, TheBah`ahThahNeeY].  
“There cannot be a fair trial if the defendant is abused by torture. As in 9:34, he makes a preliminary request (vss. [verses] 20-21);” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1007)  
-22. “And call and I will answer,
or word and I will respond.  
“...then he accepts in advance the type of judicial procedure which will be agreeable to his divine opponent: he is ready to plead either as defendant or as complainant (vs. 22). Since God remains silent, Job proceeds with the latter course: he will attack.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1007)  
-23. “How many are to me, iniquities and sins?
My crime and my sin make known [to] me.  
“As again the prayer remains unanswered,” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1007)  
-24. “To what does your face conceal,
and you think me to enemy to you?  
“The crouching giant, now at the point of yielding, recovers enough self-assurance to consider another explanation of his misery… He could well ask with another, ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ (Ps. 22:1). God hides his face when he is angry (Ps. 27:9; Isa. 54:8) or indifferent (Ps. 30:7)…  
“Failing to find an answer to the second question, Job asks a third (vs. 25):” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1008)  
-25. “Do a leaf [העלה, HehahLeH*] tossed [נדף, *NeeDahPh*] you harass [תערוץ, *ThahahROTs]?
And [את, ’ehTh (indicator of direct object; no English equivalent)] straw dry you pursue?
-26. For you write upon me bitternesses,
and you bequeath me [ותורישני, VeThOReeYShayNeeY] iniquities [of] my youths?  
“A fourth idea strikes his distraught mind. Is then his calamity due to the iniquities of youth (vs. 26b; cf. Ps. 25:7)?  
“Since no sin of his manhood can explain his ill fate, is it conceivable that God should now make him bear the guilt of errors committed in his early youth? Notice that the word נעורים ‎[NeOoRahYeeM‏ ‏*‎, “youths” sic for ‎נערי‎, *NeOoRah-eeY, "my youths"] ‎suggests ‘shy, early adolescence’ rather than ‘exuberant, lustful, vigorous, and mature youth’ (which would have been expressed by the word עלומים [`ahLOoMeeYM, “youth, young manhood”]), and thus considerably minimizes the gravity of a ‘guilt’ which could not be described as even ‘the sowing of wild oats.’ The mystery of his present suffering thus remains almost entire. However irresponsible his behavior may have been when he was a youngster, surely the stringency of the penalty (vs. 27) remains out of all proportion to the vagaries of his early adolescence.” (Terrien, 1954, p. III 1008)  
-27. “and you set in stock[s]3 my feet,
and you guard all my courses [ארחותי, ’ahRHOThah-eeY]
upon [the] soles of [שרשי, ShahRShaY] my feet you carved [תתחקה, TheeThHahQaH]."  
“Thou hast seen all my goings out and comings in: and there is not step I have taken in life with which thou art unacquainted.” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 767)  
“upon the soles of my feet you carved” smacks of bastinado to me.  
-28. And he like rottenness [כרקב, KeRahQahB] decays,
like clothing consumed by moth.  
“There is a disconcerting switch from 2d to 3d pers. [person] for which no antecedent is given.” (Murphy & MacKenzie, 1990, p. 475)  
“Most exegetes recognize that 13:28 either is out of place or represents a marginal notation. The verse begins with And he, which obviously refers to man, although this word does not appear before the next line (14:1). According to several commentators its original place may have been after 14:6b, where the sequence of thought is rhetorically striking and the tenses of the verbs are in agreement…  
“Other critics prefer to preserve the present order undisturbed, pointing out that the emphatic use of the pronoun והוא [VeHOo’ “and he”] at the beginning of 13:28a may easily stand for an original feminine (in English, neuter) והיא [VeHeeY’, “and she”], meaning: ‘And it is like a rotten [tree] which wastes away.’ This comparison would then echo the image of the ‘driven leaf’ in 13:25, and thus could stay at its present place…” (Terrien, 1954, pp. III 1008-1009)  
1 apophthegm - a short cryptic remark containing some general or generally accepted truth; maxim [from Greek apophthengesthai to speak one's opinion frankly] - http://www.thefreedictionary.com/  
2 The Masoretes were groups of Jewish scribe-scholars who worked between the 6th and 10th centuries CE, based primarily in present-day Israel in the cities of Tiberias and Jerusalem, as well as in Iraq (Babylonia). Each group compiled a system of pronunciation and grammatical guides in the form of diacritical notes on the external form of the biblical text in an attempt to standardize the pronunciation, paragraph and verse divisions and cantillation of the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh, for the worldwide Jewish community. - Wikipedia  
3stocks] בסד bassad, ‘in a clog,’ such as was tied to the feet of slaves, to prevent them from running away. This is still used in the West Indies, among slave-dealers; and is there called the pudding, being a large collar of iron, locked around the ankle of the unfortunate man. Some have had them twenty pounds’ weight: and … been condemned to carry them for several years… the badge at once of his oppression, and of the cruelty of his task-masters!” (Adam Clarke, 1831, p. II 767)   An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2020.09.17 19:55 Hi_Im_TwiX Picking The Right Mouse for Valorant

Picking The Right Mouse for Valorant

Gaming Mice, Explained

Hey guys, this is Twix, with yet another informational post that nobody asked for but I hope will widen your horizons in the context of gaming knowledge. My goal when posting such content is always to pass on my knowledge as a competitively oriented player and coach to as many people as possible. For those of you that want to stay updated on my content, or want to get in contact with me for inquiries related to the coaching services I offer, you can DM me at: twitter.com/Twix_v2 or join my training oriented Discord server linked at the end of this post where you can find tons of like-minded individuals to discuss the game and general aspects of game / aim related training with.
Initially, I was just going to upload a post acting as an update to the mouse tier list I provided in my Valorant guides, however, upon further contemplation I decided that in order for people to fully comprehend my mouse recommendations and be able to decide for themselves if they agree with my reasoning, it is important that they understand what makes a good gaming mouse "good".
Before elaborating further, I want to emphasize upon the fact that mouse preference is partially subjective; However, there are some aspects which set mice apart, e.g. shape, build quality, weight, switches, sensor accuracy, etc. that mostly objective.


  1. Shape
  2. Mouse Hardware
  3. Personal Tier List
  4. Resources
  5. Discord & Twitter Links


The most important factor that you should individually prioritize while searching for the optimal mouse, is shape. Mouse shape is subjective for the most part as everyone has a different hand size and preferred grip style, although even on this topic, there are certain things in relation to optimal shape which are more reliant on objective factors than one may think.
First off, let's briefly discuss the three different main grip styles in gaming, and what they look like. The three grip styles are:

  1. Palm Grip
  2. Claw Grip
  3. Fingertip Grip

Pictured above : The three main mouse \"grip styles\"
The grip style that you choose to use is entirely subjective. Wait, I lied, if you are a palm gripper, it's time to stop. No, seriously. The reason palm grip is sub-optimal as a grip style is due to the fact that it limits your hand movement the most out of the three aforementioned grips. Palm grip might be viable for very one-dimensional (mechanically) games, where aiming is limited to horizontal click-timing, but try to play any scenario in an aim trainer that introduces verticality, TS (target switching) or tracking, and you'll quickly realize why the grip style is sub-optimal. Playing on palm grip doesn't allow you to make fine adjustments using your fingers, and also restricts the arc your wrist can make. Claw and Fingertip grip are both viable for gaming, allowing for a wider range of movement using your wrist and fingers, with claw grip providing some added stability but sacrificing range of movement slightly.
So, why is grip style relevant in this post? Well, your preffered grip has a direct influence upon your mouse preference, e.g. If you're a palm gripper, you'll have a difficult time adjusting to a smaller mouse, as you won't be able to rest your hand on it, this holds true the other way around as well, as fingertip grippers won't be comfortable using a larger mouse such as something in the Zowie EC series, or a Deathadder, etc. This is also the reason mouse shape is mostly subjective as it all boils down to preference once you've narrowed down the mouse selection into a reasonable range of well performing mice, but there are also objective elements. Choosing a smaller mouse usually allows for a more relaxed position in your fingers, meaning that they have more freedom to move around in order to make the appropriate adjustments while aiming in FPS games, Valorant is very reliant on making micro-adjustments, and although these are mostly horizontal, it's still far easier to be precise while using a combination of your wrist + fingers for fine adjustments, and your arm for larger mvoements, over just using your arm for 99% of actions.

Mouse Hardware

While the leading factor in choosing a mouse will always be how the shape feels in an individual's hands, there are plenty of hardware aspects which you should look into before purchasing a gaming mouse, these include general build quality, stock feet, stock cables, sensor quality, clicks, and most importantly, weight. Let's break each of these aspects down, and discuss their importance.
Build Quality
In relation to build quality, what you're looking for is pretty simple, just avoid any company that uses poor materials for their products, in the long term, it will be worth it. It's better to spent $80+ on a mouse that has the potential to last for years without any problems, than to spend $20 on a mouse that will start having major performance issues in a couple of months. Cheaper mice may have hardware issues such as quickly deteriorating mouse switches, peeling grip material, faulty scroll wheels, and deteriorating sensor accuracy / performance. If you are serious about your performance in games, you should be ok with spending a little more, as the return is quite substantial, your mouse is the most important part of your peripherals setup and has the largest impact on your in-game performance
Stock Feet
Mouse feet are what the glide of your mouse is dependant on, low quality feet will often result in poor glide, meaning your mouse movements will require extra force, this can often result in a lack of accuracy while playing. Unfortunately, even higher-end products often tend to come with sub-optimal stock mouse feet, for example, logitech gaming mice (including the GPW, the company's flagship) are known to come with pretty horrendous stock feet, the GPW is a great mouse and an expensive one too, however, the stock feet offer pretty poor glide and even a "scratchy" feel. On the brightside, feet are pretty cheap and easy to replace, so all you'll have to do is order a new pair online. When buying mouse feet, the material you want to be looking for is Teflon, otherwise known as "PTFE". Teflon is a very cheap material, and offers great glide, my personal recommendation for after market mouse feet brands are Tiger Arc, Corepadz, and Hyperglide, in that order. If you're interested in something offering a different glide that last longer, you can look into ceramic feet like Lexips, although I wouldn't recommend ceramic mouse feet as they can feel horrible depending on the mousepad you use. For more information on mousepads, check the "resources" section further down the post.
Stock Cables
This one is pretty self explanatory, you want a cable that isn't too stiff or made out of a material that drags on your mousepad. Poorly designed cables are unfortunately something that comes up as an issue with higher end mice as well, Zowie mice for example come with rubber cables which tend to drag like crazy and are quite stiff, while Logitech mice also come with braided cables that are quite stiff and drag quite heavily on your mousepad. Similar to the problem with sub-optimal stock feet, you can alter your cables for quite cheap. You can paracord your cables (remove the stock material from around the wires and replace it) in order to reduce the stiffness and allow for your cable to bend freely in any position, and you can buy a mouse bungee for quite cheap to eliminate cable drag.
Sensor Quality
The sensor being used in a gaming mouse is simultaneously the most important aspect of a mouse, while also being the least important aspect of a mouse. What do I mean by this? Well, having a sensor that doesn't add smoothing, mouse acceleration, etc. to your movements, is low latency, and doesn't spin out, is absolutely crucial to your performance, however, any modern gaming mouse that you purchase that isn't some off-brand piece of plastic will have an accurate sensor.
Mouse Clicks
Mouse clicks aren't that important, and is also a quite subjective topic in relation to what people enjoy the most. The only thing you need to worry about here, is having clicks that aren't too stiff or too light, which most modern mice offer regardless. If the actuation force required to activate a mouse switch is too low, it will result in overly light clicks which may lead to accidental clicking, something you definitely don't want. If the required force is too high, it may lead to mouse buttons that are too stiff, which is also something that you definitely want to avoid, for obvious reasons. Be careful of mice such as the GPW which tend to have switch-related issues such as double clicking.
To me, this is the second most important factor when it comes to picking a mouse, shape being the first. Having a mouse in the right weight range can make it a lot easier for you to aim accurately, too much weight and you may end up having to use too much force to actually get the mouse moving, and on the flipside, too little weight (<60g) and you may sacrifice stability. Personally, my ideal weight range is something in the midst of 70-80 grams, as I find anything substantially lighter to be too light, resulting in an evident lack of stability, and anything substantially heavier results in an unecessary amount of force required to initiate movement, throwing off my aim, especially in scenarios which require you to react rapidly to a target changing directions. Another thing to look out for, is center of mass, the GPW for example is a mouse that lands within my ideal weight range (80g) yet the weight is distributed unevenly, making it quite back heavy, so it doesnt' feel as good as other mice in the same weight category to me.

Personal Mouse Tier List

In this section I will be discussing my ideal mice for competitive FPS, and the reasons that lead to me choosing them.

My favorite mice, from right to left
1) Razer Viper Series
The Razer Viper series is single-handedly the best line of products that Razer has released in a good while, these mice are absolutely amazing. Light weight with no honey-comb shell, an amazing wireless sensor on the ultimate, great build quality, best stock feet I've used (pure PTFE), a great ambi shape, and a very decent scroll wheel and optical switches. I personally main the RVU ( Razer Viper Ultimate ) as I can't go back to wired mice, and the mouse is absolutely fantastic, it is quite expensive at approximately $150 with the charging dock for the wireless model, but it is 100% worth it in my opinion. Personally, I do enjoy the shape of the Viper mini slightly more than the wireless due to the decrease in size, but it doesn't negatively impact performance for me to the extent where I'd switch to the wired counter-part of this mouse. The Viper (wired) and Viper mini are both quite cheap if you don't want to opt for the wireless flagship, and still perform just as well, while being even lighter.
2) G305
Not much to be said for this one, it’s pretty straightforward. <$50 Wireless mouse with a great low-latency sensor. This mouse comes in pretty heavy if it isn't modded, with horrible stock feet, and it's center of mass is very rear-ended due to the battery position. unmodded, I wouldn't place this mouse in second place, but if you simply buy yourself an AAA lithium battery, and some aftermarket mouse feet, which will set you back for a combined total of around $10, you have a great wireless mouse that you paid at most $60 for. The G305 is a value king, not to mention the fact that it's so called "egg" shape allows for more freedom of movement than any other shape currently available, that's if you can get used to the way the sides bulge outwards. Around 80% of top aimers in Kovaak's use the "egg" as their main mouse.
3) EndGame Gear XM1
This mouse is the ideal shape for claw grippers, narrow middle portion and thick rear portion allows for added comfort while maintaining control / stability. It uses crisp omron switches, a flawless sensor (3389), pure PTFE stock feet, and one of the best, if not the best, cables, Endgame Gear's so called "flexcord". The front end of this mouse is very low profile, allowing for more precise fine adjustments. An analogy that RJN (best mouse reviewer) often uses is to think of it as holding a pencil while drawing, you'd be much more precise while gripping the mouse lower down, closer to the surface you're drawing on. This mouse is currently seen as the “claw king”, highly recommended for it's price point.
4) G Pro Wireless
This mouse is more on the expensive side at a price of around $150 retail, but it’s definitely worth it in my experience with it. Great highly responsive clicks, great sensor (wireless is just as responsive as wired), fantastic build quality (the plastic used is extremely smooth and almost feels "soft"), great removable side buttons with no post/pre travel, no cable / wire to drag across your mousepad. My only complaint in relation to this mouse would be the stock feet, but you can get a pair of tiger arcs for $5-10. Weight distribution is also slightly rear-ended but it shouldn’t matter much when you aren’t picking the mouse up, which you shouldn't be doing to begin with. I mained this mouse for a couple of month before switching to the RVU (Razer Viper Ultimate) a superior choice, in my opinion, since I like more agressive shapes, and lower profile mice.
5) G Pro Wired / G102 / G103 / G203
I will elaborate very briefly upon this choice, these are all basically just wired versions of the G305, the shape is identical, the only difference between these models being their weight, and some having slightly better mouse button switches. Again, the mouse comes with pretty horrible stock feet, but those can be replaced for $5-10, so it isn't much of an issue. The logitech braided cable is also horrendous, so you'll have to get yourself a paracord + bungee, setting you back around $30 when paired with the aftermarket feet purchase. The weight for these mice also can't be adjusted like the G305, due to the fact that they don't have removable parts.
6) Zowie EC2-B Divina Series
Although quite large, this is one of the most used mice in CSGO, due to it's great shape and sensor (3360), everything else is pretty garbage to be very honest with you but I'm heavily biased due to two reasons. For one, I used this mouse for years while playing competitively in CSGo, and two, the shape of this mouse is so good for people who prefer ergo shapes over ambi shapes, that it pretty much makes up for all it's errors, and boy does it have a lot of those. Bad cable material, stiff clicks, mushy side buttons, and mediocre overall build quality. Why am I recommending this? again, shape >.


In this section, I will provide you with a collection of online resources which I find to be quite useful for those looking to buy a new gaming mouse.
Shape Comparison Tool
If you already have a mouse that works for you and you're thinking about upgrading, but you don't know which mouse would suit your current preference, here's a great online tool to visually compare mice shapes / sizes:
Here is an example of me using the tool to compare the GPW to the RVU:

Shape comparison tool
Mousepad Mastersheet:

Spec Comparison Spreadsheet

Example of what sort of information the spreadsheet provides
Hand Measurement Guide
In order to measure your hands for the purpose of finding a mouse you will want to measure two things, one is the length of your hand, like so:
The other is the width of your hand, like so:

Once you have these measurements, you can check out RJN's mouse picker tool here to narrow down the list of mice that may work for your hand size:

Discord + Twitter Links

Discord Server : https://discord.gg/FfZD8Fc

Twitter Link : twitter.com/Twix_v2

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2020.09.17 17:11 BroSose Security Control Assessor (SCA) in Reston VA

While I don't have full details, I'm posting this on behalf of a colleague.
Message me if you are interested, and I'll connect you to them. I am not a recruiter or a headhunter and benefit in no way by posting this.
Clearance: Must currently possess an active TS/SCI, with the ability to obtain and maintain a CI poly.
Location: Reston VA
Education: Bachelor's in CS or related technical discipline plus 10 years' experience, or the equivalent combination of education, professional training, and work experience.
Certification: Must possess current DOD 8570 IAT III

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2020.09.17 11:28 PhatA17Sep1l Reddit True Inc-est Vi-deo

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Incest Porn Reddit Revenge Sex Incest Reddit

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2020.09.17 03:02 Aukka Private sector job opportunities

I'm transitioning out of the US military after 6 years. A huge part of my job was information security and comsec. During my time in the military, I've picked up a good amount of certifications including CISSP and CEH. I had originally planned to reclass to the new cyber branch, but it's already been confirmed that it will be impossible for me to receive a TS clearance. Not going to go into details but I'm lucky just to have the lower level clearance I do right now.
Even for federal jobs with the DoD, CISA, and other agencies, it seems like all of the security related positions require a TS SCI...My only hope at continuing in this field is in the private sector. However, I'm not sure how well my skillset will be received by private employers. Should I just start looking into a career switch? Any advice on how to land a private sector job? Thanks.
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2020.09.17 01:12 storminthedark Everything we know about William Bowery: A Summary

Aaron Dessner interview with Rolling Stone:
You mentioned William Bowery — who is he? He’s a songwriter, and actually because of social distancing, I’ve never met him. He actually wrote the original idea for “Exile,” and then Taylor took it and ran with it. I don’t actually know to be totally honest.
We’ve been trying to track him down, he doesn’t have much of an internet presence. Yeah, I don’t fully know him, other than he wrote “Betty” and “Exile” with her. But you know she’s a very collaborative person, so it was probably some songwriter.
So it’s not an alias for anyone? No, no, no. I mean, I don’t know — she didn’t tell me there was a “Cardigan” video until literally it came out, and I wrote the song with her [laughs]. So I don’t know. But I’m pretty sure he’s an actual songwriter. She enjoys little mysteries.
So, William Bowery wrote the original idea for Exile, and according to Dessner he believes William Bowery is an actual singer-songwriter.
Aaron Dessner interview with Vulture:
Taylor and William Bowery, (Dessner explains of the one unknown name who pops up in the folklore credits: “William Bowery is who she wrote ‘exile’ with, and ‘betty.’ He’s a singer-songwriter") the singer-songwriter, wrote that song initially together and sent it to me as a sort of a rough demo where Taylor was singing both the male and female parts. It’s supposed to be a dialogue between two lovers. I interpreted that and built the song, played the piano, and built around that template. We recorded Taylor’s vocals with her singing her parts but also the male parts.
(About Betty) - This one Taylor and William wrote, and then both Jack and I worked on it. We all kind of passed it around. This is the one where Taylor wanted a reference. She wanted it to have an early Bob Dylan, sort of a Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan feel. We pushed it a little more towards John Wesley Harding, since it has some drums. It’s this epic narrative folk song where it tells us a long story and connects back to “cardigan.” It starts to connect dots and I think it’s a beautifully written folk song.
(Q&A Section with Aaron Dessner) 5. Is William Bowery Secretly Joe Alwyn?
I don’t know. We’re close, but she won’t tell me that. I think it’s actually someone else, but it’s good to have some mysteries.
In the original demo for exile, Taylor sang both the male and female vocals as a dialogue between two lovers. In the process of making Betty, both Taylor and William Bowery wrote it together and then passed it on to be worked on by Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. The song connects back to 'cardigan'. Aaron Dessner doesn't think William Bowery is Joe.
In an Interview with Aaron Dessner for Pitchfork:
There is some fan debate over William Bowery’s identity—I’m not familiar with him.
I’m not either. I haven’t actually met him because of social distancing, which is kind of funny. I think he’s a friend.
Aaron Dessner believes William to be "a friend"
Taylor about the concept behind exile when introducing the song for radio:
“exile is a song that was written about miscommunications in relationships, and in the case of this song, I imagined that the miscommunications ended the relationship. They led to sort of the demise of this love affair, and now these two people are seeing each other out for the first time, and they keep miscommunicating with each other. They can’t quite get on the same page, they never were able to, and even in their end, even after they’ve broken up, they’re still not hearing each other. So we imagined the beginning would be his side of the story, the second verse her side of the story, and the end would be the story of them talking over each other and not hearing each other. We’re really stoked about how it turned out because it really does seem to be about the tragedy of two people...two ships passing in the night.”
Taylor on the concept behind betty in a press kit for country radio:
“James has lost the love of his life basically and doesn’t understand how to get it back. I think we all have these situations in our lives where we learn to really, really give a heartfelt apology for the first time. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody really messes up sometimes and this is a song that I wrote from the perspective of a 17 year old boy. I’ve always loved that in music you can kinda slip into different identities and you can sing from other people’s perspectives. So that’s what I did on this one - and I named all the characters in this story after my friends kids and I hope you like it!"
Taylor also referred to William Bowery as one of her "musical heroes" in her initial post announcing folklore:
I wrote and recorded this music in isolation but got to collaborate with some musical heroes of mine; aarondessner (who has co-written or produced 11 of the 16 songs), boniver (who co-wrote and was kind enough to sing on one with me), William Bowery (who co-wrote two with me)...
A few fans received extra symbols/comments in their signed copies of folklore, with 'WB' initials, a smiley face and a moustache on the page for exile. However, this may be fans drawing these themselves and not 100% verified.
So, who could it be?
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2020.09.16 23:45 Cheesecakelv [FS][CAN] RED Chanel Rectangular Mini from 187 factory

This is a very rare model that I don't think 187 makes anymore. I love this mini and always got complimented when wearing her. But I noticed that I've not worn her out in the last 10months. This bag has some inaccuracies such as the hardware being brushed gold when the auth has aged gold (the engraved letters on the hardware is darkened on the aged gold) and the color being slightly different (auth has brown undertone when this rep is more cherry red). But I have never seen anybody carrying the same bag and I've worn it proudly to high end boutiques hehe (not chanel though, I'm a scaredy-cat). The SAs at the boutiques always referenced this bag when I tried on their bags; not like they were calling me out, more like, "Since you already have a red chanel, why not get a grey bag this time?" or "Since your chanel has gold hw get silver hardware for the new bag?" etc. I'm still not sure if I want to sell her but I'm posting to see if anybody is interested.

Rec Mini(20cm) Flap Red/Lambskin/GHW

Proof that it's from 187
Seller: TS Emily
Original price: $500 CAD total including shipping and pp fee
Selling price: $400 CAD including shipping. Buyer pays paypal gs fee.
Includes: bag, dustbag, box
Flaws: It's in gently used condition. There are faint scratches on the front bottom side (photo is attached). There are no wears on the corners. The leather is still excellent. She's so pretty 😭😭😭

No chats please. PM only. messages not related to the sale of the bag will be ignored :)
My bst feedback
The bags will be shipped with Canada Post
Final sale, no returns. I've posted a lot of pictures, so please do your own QCing as well so you won't have any doubts when you purchase the bag. Feel free to ask questions! I can provide more pictures if you need them.
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2020.09.16 22:03 BuckRowdy Dr. Ariel Sanjines paid an employee $10K to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend in her Mountain Shadows home. She survived and the neighborhood later was nicknamed Murder Shadows.

Sometimes I think about how you're never going to hear about a successful murder-for-hire scheme. I'm not talking about cartel sicarios or the mafia, but genuine meet-in-a-smoky-bar-hand-a-stranger-cash-under-the-table schemes that spawn movie tropes. You only ever hear about the spectacular failures.
The greatest murder for hire story of all time in my opinion, is the Susan Kuhnhausen case. There is simply no other story on that same level. She fought off her attacker and killed him, offering to call 911 for him if he would just reveal who hired him.
There's lots of other stories of contract killings gone way wrong of course. Often the "hitman" is an undercover officer and a quick arrest is made. Other times the hired hitman is incompetent and the plan fails.
This is not a write up about a big case or an important case. It's just a story about a guy who got so mad at his wife he trusted two 18 year old employees, one of whom he was dating, with killing his wife and her boyfriend for $10,000.
Benjamin Franklin once famously said that "three can keep a secret if two are dead" and yet people who want to hire killers seem to want to involve a lot of people in the process. No one ever seems to think long term about how they're going to keep something like this a secret forever.
Dr. Ariel Sanjines and his brother immigrated to the US from Bolivia. The timeframe and his early history is not known. In 1991 he was 35 years old, the owner of a Perkins restaurant, living in an upscale suburban neighborhood with his wife in Chattanooga, TN. The neighborhood, Mountain Shadows, would, in a few years and a second murder, take on a dark new nickname: Murder Shadows.
Trouble arose in the marriage and his wife Gina Sanjines accused him of abuse. Then she filed for a restraining order and a divorce. She was given custody of their children and, as so often happens, a bitter custody dispute ensued. Dr. Sanjines would become more and more angry about this over time.
If you've ever worked in a restaurant you'll know that gossip is rampant and that there are very few secrets that stay secrets for long. And that's the scene of the crime that's the subject of this post: A $10,000 murder-for-hire fiasco set in an east Tennessee Perkins breakfast restaurant that had failure written all over it from the outset.
Another thing you'll note about restaurants is that it's common for managers or owners to creep on their female staff. Shortly after Amy Marcum started working at Perkins at the age of 17 in 1992 that's exactly what happened. Sanjines took an interest in her and after she turned 18 he charmed her and the two began dating around August of 1992. Dr. Sanjines was twice her age.
By December he had become possessive and abusive. At the time, his wife was paying a PI to follow him and he was becoming increasingly more upset at the alimony he was paying her. She was dating someone new and he was jealous. By early May of 1993 he was already talking openly about having her murdered to the point where he was being overheard by people in the restaurant.
Kristine Kennedy, a potential witness for the prosecution, overheard [Sanjines] say that he should hire someone to kill his wife. Additionally, a friend of [Sanjines] ... stated that he and [Sanjines] had discussed the idea of having their wives killed.
Research didn't really shed much light on the mental state of Dr. Sanjines at the time but it would appear he was unraveling pretty fast because at a birthday party he told Marcum:
someone at the party had Mafia connections in New York. This person could have Mrs. Sanjines killed. He then asked [Marcum] to kill Mrs. Sanjines.
Amy Marcum was 19 at the time.
Three months after that Jeremy Ingram, 18, approached Amy Marcum in the restaurant parking lot and said he had heard she was looking to have someone killed and that he knew someone who had done it before and could be hired to do it again. It's not clear if Ingram knew what he was talking about but Marcum agreed to connect him with Dr. Sanjines. She told police that she had also talked about this to another employee at the Perkins.
Dr. Sanjines continued to bring it up but by November of 1993, Marcum told Dr. Sanjines she wanted nothing to do with killing his wife and he told her if she told the police about it he would kill her. She continued to date him and even spent the night with him after he made the threat. She was in love with him.
Jeremy Ingram told police that he spent the next few months trying to find someone to carry out the hit. Ingram eventually got a call from Sanjines that it had to happen now and he decided to just do it himself.
Gina Sanjines, Dr. Sanjines's ex-wife had attended a function with her boyfriend, Virgil Schrag, 33 on the night of March 6th, and returned home late. They had been dating for a few months and the kids were with their father that night. I'm sure he thought this would provide him an unassailable alibi. Jeremy Ingram had entered the residence and moved some electronic equipment against the window to stage a robbery. Gina and Virgil were upstairs in the bedroom checking the answering machine. She heard a sound and Schrag went to check it out. As he exited the bedroom, Ingram shot Schrag once in the head causing him to immediately crumple to the floor.
He then shot Gina three times and fled the scene. Ms. Sanjines survived the attack.
Ingram drove an hour up the road to abandon the murder weapon, returned home, then set out for a ski trip with the money. When he returned he was arrested. After police compelled him to call Dr. Sanjines to discuss the murders, arrests of Dr. Sanjines and Amy Marcum were made that same day.
All three defendants pleaded guilty and there was no trial. Marcum took a plea deal and got a 10 year sentence. Ingram was sentenced to life. Dr Sanjines, however
was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole for first degree murder, twenty five (25) years for attempted murder, and twenty five (25) years for conspiracy to commit murder. The twenty five (25) year sentences for attempted murder and conspiracy were ordered to run concurrently to each other and consecutively to the life sentence.
Sanjines proposed a couple of wacky theories to explain his ex-wife's murder including that her relatives in New York had hired someone to end her suffering because she was terminally ill. His girlfriend, Amy Marcum was convinced to make tapes of their conversations and Sanjies was ultimately compelled to take a plea deal sparing him the death penalty.
Ingram spendt 25 years in prison until his sentence was commuted by outgoing Tennessee governor Bill Haslam in 2019.
Ingram's clemency application says he wasn't strong enough to withstand the "evil influence and manipulation" of Sanjines' ex-husband, Jorge Ariel Sanjines, who was sentenced to life in prison.
Ingram spent more time in prison than outside prison. He had become a pastor, gotten several degrees, and was considered reformed.
Gina Sanjines, now partially blind said: "My biggest worry, again, isn't just for me and my family," she said. "It's for the citizens of this state. A murderer is going to be let out of prison."
I never discovered what branch of medicine Dr. Sanjines practiced or where he got his title. Presumably he was an intelligent and competent man having immigrated to a foreign country and owning a popular business in a newly developed very busy commercial area, and living in an upscale community. Consumed by jealousy and rage he made a series of stupid decisions starting with openly talking about having his wife killed and ending up with him behind bars for life.
He is, however, eligible for parole on September 17th, 2026.
Sources: one two three four five six seven eight
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2020.09.16 18:37 AutoModerator Weekly r/iPad Discussion and Tech-Support Thread - 09/16

Welcome to iPad' Discussion and Tech-Support Thread!

Discuss here anything that's iPad related. You can suggest or ask about iPad apps, accessories, post about your iPad art, tips & tricks etc.
Get help regarding any issues you might be having with your iPad, with your applications, your accessories, physical and software problems, etc. Fellow redditors and members of the mod team will do their best to assit you.
You may want to consider looking for similar questions to the one you're about to ask, in previous D&TS threads listed below, or with the search bar, as chances are someone was in the same situation as you before.
Later on, please consider giving back by answering other people's questions when you can!
Click here to see past D&TS threads.
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2020.09.16 16:17 1Atanu1982 Male Infertility- Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Janisthaa Fertility Centre

Male Infertility- Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Janisthaa Fertility Centre
Barrenness is analyzed when one neglects to imagine following a time of a year or a greater amount of unprotected sex. Regularly ladies over the ages of 35 who haven't had the option to imagine in the wake of going after for a half year or somewhere in the vicinity or not ready to convey pregnancy for full term are analyzed for fruitlessness. fertility center bangalore Notwithstanding, the battles of having a kid isn't simply limited to ladies. Men assume a similarly key function also. 33% of fruitlessness issues are owing to men
An assortment of male related medical problems have been analyzed that could prompt barrenness. These could be physiological, prescription related, way of life and such. Age is the greatest factor of all and has an immediate connection to barrenness. More seasoned the individual, the higher the odds of fruitlessness.
Read More: https://bit.ly/3eNMuKa
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2020.09.16 15:24 lord_romain Can't get iptables MASQERADE working..

Hello people! Hope someone more clever than me could help because I am out of ideas...
We want to create (in openstack) a router that will...route (haha) trafic from one network to the other. Simple.
This is what I have done so far. I have read a lot of post and seems that it should ne be that complex but I can't make it work.

LAN1 (172.150.88.xx) ­--> ROUTER ETH1 ( ETH0 ( --> LAN2 (LOT OF OTHER NETWORKS)
From a host in LAN1 (, I want to reach a host in a 10.110.87.xx network which is reachable from the 100.50.30.xx network (so from ETH0 on the router). Note that a route to 10.110.87.xx that point to has been created on the host
This is what I have in term of rules/settings on the router:

[email protected] ~ $ iptables --list -v --line-numbers -t nat
Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT 10899 packets, 1408K bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 2773 packets, 530K bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 3968 packets, 296K bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination

Chain POSTROUTING (policy ACCEPT 233 packets, 16695 bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
1 3750 280K MASQUERADE all -- any eth0 anywhere anywhere


[email protected] ~ $ iptables --list -v --line-numbers
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 200K packets, 24M bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
1 84758 140M ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT 41 packets, 3444 bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
1 24271 2038K ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED
2 132 10992 ACCEPT all -- eth1 eth0 anywhere anywhere

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 28417 packets, 3123K bytes)
num pkts bytes target prot opt in out source destination
1 132K 88M ACCEPT all -- any any anywhere anywhere state RELATED,ESTABLISHED

Some settings:

echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/proxy_arp
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/rp_filter
sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1

Right now, this is the best we have:
If I try to do a telnet on a known open port on 10.110.87.yy from I can see this:

[email protected] ~ $ tcpdump -nn -i eth1 host
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth1, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes
09:02:11.399882 IP > Flags [S], seq 3607855840, win 29200, options [mss 1460,sackOK,TS val 2274155265 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0
09:02:11.412705 IP > Flags [S.], seq 299308172, ack 3607855841, win 8192, options [mss 1460,nop,wscale 8,sackOK,TS val 48782380 ecr 2274155265], length 0
09:02:12.402613 IP > Flags [S], seq 3607855840, win 29200, options [mss 1460,sackOK,TS val 2274156268 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0


[email protected] ~ $ tcpdump -nn -i eth0 host
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes
09:02:20.415516 IP > Flags [S.], seq 299308172, ack 3607855841, win 65535, options [mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK], length 0

I am not so sure about what tcpdump is telling me here... For what I understand, the trafic goes from ETH1 to the destination and the host reply back. But the host on the 172.150.88.xx netver receive the answer.
I'm lost.. Any any will be very appreciated!

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2020.09.16 09:31 fiasco64 SCCM offline media error "insert media #1 for the task sequence"

We are deploying Windows 10 1909 via an offline installer (USB device) on an remote site.
During OSD the TS stops and there appears an pop-up "insert media #1 for the task sequence ....".
You can click "OK" on that step and it continues imaging.
But why is this error message appearing?
I have never seen such an message and googled it.... unfortunatley the entries at google are pretty old and related to win7.
I checked the smsts.log but could not find anything related to this pop-up.
submitted by fiasco64 to SCCM [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 02:52 Realkers A Creative Discussion on the Quarterback Situation

In an attempt to stir up something more substantial in how it relates to the current Jimmy discussion, I wanted to put forth some interesting ideas (involving Jimmy and not) so that we could simply think about the road ahead. The NFL is extremely hard to predict, but as fans of the 49ers, I believe we'd all like to examine the future and imagine those in which we win another Lombardi. I like the memes too, don't get me wrong, but I'm not a huge fan of the tiny whining posts. Let's try to make something with a little more meat to it.
Now, be warned. There will be extremely unpopular OPINIONS below. But, if you don't like hot takes, stay out of Real's kitchen. That's what I always say... or at least, I'm saying it now... okay, I won't say it again. Anyways, here we go.
Other Options - Part 1:
That's right, I said it. Here are things as I see it.
  1. We continue to play with Jimmy G at the helm. Look, this is NOT a doomsday opinion because we lost the opener, it's the way I've personally felt since last season. This guy isn't going to win a Super Bowl of his own volition. If we win a Super Bowl with him (I am agreeing that it's possible, by the way), it would ultimately in spite of his ability, not because of it. It's not as bad as having Trent Dilfer at QB, so if he can win one maybe Jimmy can too, but he's just simply not this out of the world potential talent that people once thought he could grow into. I am of the opinion that he essentially played at his cap at the end of 2017 when we thought that was his floor and believed he would grow tremendously.
    The reality is... he's okay. He might even be the new Dalton line, to be honest. He's better than other starters in the league, but we also have probably the easiest starting QB job in the entire National Football League. Our team is fucking stacked at a lot of key positions. The QB here is asked to throw with a quick release in the short to intermediate range in fairly open lanes. This is often times due to Shanahan's WR philosophy of "one can be schemed into an open look, what matters more is what is done once the ball is in your hands."
    Here are some of the other requirements of being the 49ers QB - do NOT take a sack if it can be helped, do NOT be inaccurate on these short range passes, and be smart enough to absorb this playbook. Compared to every single starting QB job in the league, it's less responsibility. The only exception MIGHT be the Titans and Tannehill's position, but only because their offense is far more rudimentary in it's application, largely because they have a Henry. It works for them, I'm not knocking the Titans at all, Shanahan's offense is just objectively more intricate. Now, be honest, even a guy like Gardner Minshew (who seems pretty good honestly!) is asked to do more than Jimmy is here. Jimmy often times struggles to meet those requirements (specifically, inconsistent accuracy) while excelling at his quick release, which ultimately doesn't matter if you aren't accurate, as well as his smarts. Jimmy is a smart guy, scoring 29 on the Wonderlic. Just how important is the Wonderlic for QB's? It's debatable. Lamar Jackson scored a 13. What isn't debatable is that counting Mahomes, the last 10 Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks — Tom Brady (33), Nick Foles (29), Peyton Manning (28), Russell Wilson (28), Joe Flacco (27), Eli Manning (39), Aaron Rodgers (35), Drew Brees (28) and Ben Roethlisberger (25) — had an average Wonderlic score of 29.6. I'd argue it's probably more important for one of the hardest playbooks in the league.
    Now, IF this is the option, I think the absolute best way to go about it is to pay Jimmy in a bracket that makes us reach a sweet spot in between of paying a rookie QB and resetting the market for your franchise guy. I don't think the $27.5m average is worth it for ol' Jimbo even if the top tier QB's keep making more and more money. He simply doesn't belong in that category or conversation. I'm not sure what exactly this figure should be, but it is probably in the $19m to $25m range for a per year average, but obviously it all depends on a multitude of things (how much QB contracts continue to trend up, how far the cap drops and what it's at when you got to extend him, etc.) Currently, he's on the books for $23.8m this year, and $24.1 in 2021, and $24.2 in 2022. The ultimate idea here is that if we can't have an upper echelon QB, he should be paid less than he currently is, and that way we can at least try to stay stacked in as many positions as financially possible. At any higher a dollar figure, I'd have a tough time not thinking it'd be better to draft a kid that costs like $4m - $7m a year and going aggressive in free agency for years to come.
Other Options - Part 2:
Now, here's where it's actually actually gets real spicy boys, buckle up.
  1. If Rodgers wants to leave Green Bay, we're obviously the prime candidate and I'm highly interested even if it's only for a season or two. This would be one of, if not, the best team he's ever been on. Granted, he's probably gonna light it up this year and they'll just let Love rot on the bench behind him if they have to. Like brady, I don't think he'll leave until he's over the hill, if he does leave at all. Despite their apparent rift (Rodgers and Green Bay's management) they'll eventually trade bait Love and draft someone else to be the heir in a few years. Rodgers still has seasons (plural) of top 3-5 QB left in him, in my opinion. I'd bet a lot of chicken nuggets that he'd bring a Super Bowl to The Bay with this roster.
  2. If the Browns get smoked on Thursday and they initiate "Lose for Lawrence" protocol and ditch the sunk-cost fallacy due to the recent Arizona Cardinals successful model of doing so, I'd love to have Baker Mayfield. There, I said it. Hammer me for it, go ahead. Let me hear it - "Baker sucks!" "He's washed!" "What a trashcan!" "Can't pass to OBJ and Landry wtf is he gonna do here?!"
    Ok, shut up and let me tell you.
    I like this kid. I know his mentality/demeanor might not be your thing, but let me tell you one thing that might change your mind even just a little bit - it's not an act for him. The dude has a genuine and strong-willed belief that he can be the best. Despite the cliche, I think that (while it can manifest in many different ways) trait is borderline required to be "that guy" in the National Football League. Wilson, Mahomes, Lamar, they all do it different ways. Wilson through copious amounts of seemingly (but probably, not really) kinda fake "goodness" and miracle water sales. Lamar just has Mark Ingram say it all for him. Mahomes has his ketchup on steak swagger. If you want to compare Baker's demeanor to any current top QB, it's honestly probably Rodgers. Lots of people don't like Rodgers cause he's kinda an arrogant prick sometimes. Baker is similar. Regardless of how successful he has been so far and therefore can't back it up yet, that didn't seem to matter to Rodgers either when he said he'd make us regret not drafting him before he ever played a down in the league.
    Now, onto his play. I watched this guy in person a couple of times while visiting my brother who was going to OU during Baker's reign. I think he's legit. His arm is actually pretty powerful (somehow this has become a flipped narrative on /nfl lately) and I've personally seen him overthrow a receiver that was slowing down because of a whistle (during Baker's windup so he let it loose anyways) uncorking an absolutely BEAUTIFUL 70 yarder. He sits low into his throw really naturally and, memes aside, the boy has a THICC rear end so he can really get down and generate power from below and through the hips like you're supposed to.
    Here's the problem though - he's not playing well right now. Why? Well, part of it is his Alex Smith-esque cast of Duck Duck Goose OC's and HC's (I believe he set the record for the most changes this early in his career in the off season). I think another large part of it is the toxic football relationship he has with OBJ and attempting to feed him. That's just my opinion, but let's at least look at some stats. At OU, he was extremely accurate. 68.1%, 70.9%, and 70.5% in his 3 years there. That puts him in the same range as Drew "The Wild Midget" Brees and "The Sons of Drew Brees" (otherwise known as guys that aren't trusted to make hard throws, lol)
2019 Completion % Rankings Percentage
1. Drew Brees 74.3% (nuts)
2. Derek Carr 70.4%
3. Ryan Tannehill 70.3%
4. Jimmy Garoppolo 69.1%
5. Kirk Cousins 69.1%
... ...
31. Baker Mayfield 59.4%
  • Now, let's analyze this a bit. First of all, one of these guys is not like the other. Drew Brees. He pretty much consistently shits on everybody with 70%+ and the other top guys that year are usually a full couple of percent lower than him (been that way since like 2017). I'm not sure if it will be the same this year, but he's adapted with his age to continue to make even shorter, and more sure-fire throws. Brees is great.
  • Second of all, look at the rest of the names, any pattern here? These are all guys that are largely asked to do less, to varying degrees, than most QB's. They also have good run games. Carr has Jacobs with Gruden's offense, Tannehill with the Hulk in the backfield, us with Mostert and the Island of Misfit Toys, and Cousins with the Chef. Now, having the highest completion percentage doesn't necessarily mean they're the best QB (Jackson was #9, Mahomes was #11) but it is important.
  • Third of all, I would be willing to bet several burritos that Jimmy will not reach his 2019 completion percentage again in his career. His passing mechanics are regressing (or not improving, if you want to word it slightly less harshly) and his footwork especially is alarming, although you could indicate that he's not confident in his line, but it would also be slightly worrisome to say that he can't be trusted to make a mechanically sound pass if the line isn't perfect, so either way you look at it the mechanics are an issue. I'm willing to give him a pass on this until he at least gets a 2nd string Center back, though. It is frustrating though because he allegedly was improving in training camp, then we all saw the Cardinals game. Still, I'll give it a pass for now.
  • Lastly as it relates to this list, and I will yell it out for the people in the back: THE QB OF THE 49ERS UNDER KYLE SHANAHAN SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THIS LIST. Almost without compromise. This relates back to what a QB is asked to do here. Jimmy had some of the lowest "Average Intended Yards" of any QB in the league last season. I just thought that this thread by wafflehauss was pretty neat from Week 1 last season, because not much changed. To be clear, I'm not really ripping Jimmy here, I'm just trying to illustrate that we aren't pushing this guy to some unrealistic standards or anything. The starting QB job in SF is physically easier than most places, and there are a lot of advanced metrics that point to that. The completion percentage should always be nuts. With Jimmy's mechanical issues seemingly not improving, and the interior of our line not improving, his accuracy will continue to get worse and worse because he is not much of an improv guy and he definitely "feels" pressure. 3:10 here. His scrambling is... not natural and whether or not you want to blame that on his ACL that's fine, but regardless he resorts to completely fuckified tactics once the pocket gets a little dirty.
Other Options - Part 2 Continued:
Now, lets look at Baker's most recent game and analyze some of the problems there. Highlight link.
  • 2:20 – beautiful roll out and a laser to Landry with a great covered catch.
  • 2:59 – despite him seeming to trip on the dropback, Baker - frequently shows off a nice touch pass that he has. This one is wide open and “easy”, but he does it a lot. He really has a great ability to “drop” the ball into the receivers hands, especially on out routes.
  • 3:50 – this is a routine pass for him, and one that would be expected of him a lot on a team like ours. You could argue that there is some wasted movement in the dropback here, but I'd rather see a little waste than have him throw off the back foot whenever it isn’t necessary. He delivers the pass in stride. Don't misunderstand me here, this is not a remarkable throw or anything, I am merely pointing out that he performs the intricacies to success in our offense well.
  • 3:59 – off balance, but manages to set and deliver a ball with higher velocity than Jimmy is capable of. Here's proof of that. Baker has a cannon. Jimmy is not bad in this category, but Baker is in the top tier. I was slightly impressed by this one.
  • 5:44 – this is something I was gonna highlight further, but this is a great example of it. Baker has a great, stealthy handoff. This is something that helps sell your play action pass (which I'll get into in a second), but Chubb doesn’t even try to sell it and immediately puts his hands back up, but this isn’t something the secondary can see and therefore doesn’t matter too much as this isn’t a super long developing route. Baker shoots and throws a great pass into the small soft spot of the secondary near the numbers.
  • 5:55 – cool touch here by Baker despite the foot placement, and Njoku makes a great catch. I can’t tell if Young got to him and forced him a couple feet away from his desired trajectory or not in the slight time we can’t see on camera. If not, Baker could’ve placed this a lot better.
  • 6:12 – there is something wrong with Beckham to be dropping a crucial pass like this on 3rd down. He has even said himself that Baker’s velocity is an issue for him, but he didn’t even rocket this pass. 3 receptions for 10 targets in this game, I really hate the way they’re trying to force feed him. This is not an indictment against him specifically either as some of the passes Baker threw him were dogshit, I just don’t think he’s well used in this way for the Browns and these sorts of drops specifically aren’t Baker’s fault.
  • 7:34 – this, though, is entirely Baker’s fault. Ball wobbles a bit and he stared down Beckham through the whole route and gets the ball smacked down by one of the best in the game. This is part of what I mean by "Baker and OBJ's toxic relationship". Baker was honestly better without OBJ's stardom and was much better at spreading the ball around when it was him, Landry, and some decent receivers all around.
  • 8:26 – say what you want about this pass, but I liked that Baker thought “I can beat 36 right over his head”. I like throwing to your best receiver on 3rd and 7 WAY BETTER than checking down and getting 4 yards instead. His demeanor feeds into him making “gunslinger” (I know I hate it too) throws like this frequently.
  • 8:38 – he does it again here. Yeah, the Ravens are up 25 but their starting secondary is still on the field here, which is one of the best in the league. I like the soft spot throws here, and his arm allows him to do it.
  • 10:15 – he loads it up and misses Beckham here, should’ve been a score. I think all the purple scared him. A tiny display of his arm strength, though.
So, just a quick overview of that game. The Ravens are amazing and the Browns suck. This is known. I didn't watch the all-22, but I watched the game. Baker makes some pretty big mistakes and some pretty bad throws in it. I am willing to bet Shanahan could turn him into a star, though. Kevin Stefanski is... not in Kyle's stratosphere as a Head Coach or Playcaller, in my opinion.
Now, one other thing I wanted to point out is Baker's massive strength in play action, as this site shows, Mayfield's passer rating was 36.8 points better on pass attempts involving play action.
It continues with some neat numbers in reference to last season. “From Weeks 1-8, the Browns offense used play-action on only 26.6% of Mayfield’s dropbacks, which was 15th in the league. The Browns were 2-5 over the time period and struggled immensely on the offensive side of the ball. In contrast, from Weeks 9-12, the Browns offense has utilized play-action on 40.0% of Mayfield’s dropbacks, which is the most in the league, with a corresponding 3-1 record. Mayfield has posted the following statistics and ranks using the strategy:
  • 44 completions on 60 attempts (most)
  • 574 passing yards (most)
  • 4 touchdowns (T-2nd)
  • 15.2 completion percentage differential (8th)
  • 125.3 passer rating (9th)
Compare that to the 60% of dropbacks where play-action was not deployed over the same time frame:
  • 50 completions on 86 attempts (T-17th most)
  • 457 passing yards (23rd)
  • 4 touchdowns (T-8th)
  • 83.3 passer rating (17th)”
So, what's my overall point here? I ultimately didn't want to answer my take on the future of this team at the QB position with "LeTs JuSt GeT LaWrEnCe LoL" or something overly-homerish about Jimmy. I tried to think of a more legitimate and realistic answer, with a scenario that involves Jimmy and two that don't.
In conclusion, my point is this: I believe Baker Mayfield, at about 3.5 years younger than Jimmy G, could be his replacement, at a lower cost, for marginally to seriously improved production from the QB position on this team. I still believe Mayfield has star potential. I do not believe Jimmy does. I understand that many fans on /nfl and /browns believe he's a total bust, but I do not. He is nowhere near perfect, but I legitimately think he could be plugged into this exact offense (with a down year, just like Jimmy and Matt had) with more success than Jimmy will provide. Shanahan will be his new Lincoln Riley and revive him to great heights. I think the Niners should acquire him and cut bait on Jimmy if the opportunity were to present itself because the Browns decided that "Lose for Lawrence" is the better option than Mayfield.
  • I think Baker has a better arm than Jimmy.
  • I think Baker is smart enough to figure our offense out.
  • I think Baker can make the short and intermediate throws required more consistently than Jimmy.
  • I think Baker can perform even better than Jimmy in our already extremely prominent overall usage of the play action pass.
  • I think Baker can scramble a bit more naturally than Jimmy in a wonky pocket.
  • I think Baker is more capable of big plays that break the game open.
  • I think Baker can provide the moxie on offense that this team doesn't have when Deebo or Kittle aren't on the field (but regardless, having it come from your defacto leader is invaluable).
  • I think the 49ers could win a Super Bowl BECAUSE of Baker Mayfield, not in spite of him.
Now, you may downvote, but I hope instead you contribute with something substantial. Thank you for your time.
Edit: Spelling mistakes.
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2020.09.16 01:15 tpycat "Guys, stopping the verus is about climate change! We can change the world under statism"

I recently got that comment a lot by people who believe they understand science, and want huge sweeping changes to society for climate change using a viral outbreak as an excuse. Tedros, of the WHO said that the lock downs is now about climate efforts (https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-covid-19---21-august-2020).
So this year the data at the LOA facility has been adjusted(they have both on site and lab testing), and the results of locking down the world economy beginning in March has shown zero effect on CO2 output.
All the cars that were basically put out of commission, all the people who lost their job, huge reductions in plane travel and the net result? No difference. The CO2 concentration has hit its highest point in 2020 despite supposed measures against flight and everything else. Oil now sits in the $30 range because of a lack of demand globally. Entirely economies shut down. India basically on the brink of collapse.
You can overlay the CO2 data with last year to compare the wave. The wave shows no difference. If the massive economy destroying changes were directly related to climate change, then there would be a correction with lock downs and a reduction in CO2. There wasn't in observable data.
Everyone suggesting that lock downs are good got to experience a real-time experiment in global efforts for climate change proposed by "scientists" that would not have happened in decades even by massive political grifters.
I'm for relatively sustainable development and I'm involved with some technology that is helpful. There's tons of interesting things that are being developed. But the statists who argue for more government regulation, more government solutions of locking down entire economies as the WEF/IMF recommended shows their solutions are both impractical and are not based in science.
Destroying an economy and giving concentration of power to fewer hands does not result in a better outcome for the environment, nor for society. You get the worst of both worlds. No impact on the climate and less freedoms.
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2020.09.15 23:31 supjeff Dos and Don'ts of code reviews

As a long-time developer who has reviewed a lot of code, and had a lot of code reviewed, I would like to share some of my Dos and Don'ts of code reviews:
  • DON'T withhold approval for stylistic deviations.
  • DON'T withhold approval for stylistic deviations.
  • DON'T withhold approval for stylistic deviations.
  • DON'T withhold approval for stylistic deviations.
Thank you!
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2020.09.15 22:44 charlin212 100K Giveaway - Replady in the Big Apple... Orchard, ft. MaxMara 101801

Post Title: 100K Giveaway - Replady in the Big Apple... Orchard ft. MaxMara 101801
[Mood Board]
Thank you to the mods for everything they do for us. It has certainly been an adventure being a part of this community. My mood board is based on real-life experience. As someone who loves fall and everything fall-related, I had always wanted to go apple picking. Instagram gave me the misplaced idea that it was would very easy and super IG stories worthy. No one told me that apple picking would be very muddy (depending on if it rained the day before) and a lot exercise (lots of walking up and down and stretching to pick apples off the upper branches). No one told me that pumpkins aren't displayed like at the farmers market, but in a dusty field that you have to trek through to get. No one told me that if there is a petting farm, you will get drool all over your coat. Overall, an excellent adventure, but next time, I'm going dressed as a farmer...straw hat, overalls, the works.
Coat: MaxMara 101801 (rep)
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Easyon Reserve Booties in suede (rep)
Bag: Gucci Soho bag (rep)
Jeans: Toteme wide leg denim (rep)
Hat: Love Your Melons Pompom Beanie (auth)
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Relationship Do's and Don'ts HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP: DO'S & DONT'S - YouTube 5 Signs a Long Distance Relationship is NOT for you - YouTube ts as a relationship progresses - YouTube DO's and DON'TS in a RELATIONSHIP  Motivational Thoughts ... TS CRM App - customer relation and operational flow management app Ts Therapy For A Healthy Marriage & Relationship In Family  Mufti Menk [Amazing] The KM TalkShow Episode 1- Do's and Don'ts in a Relationship Do's and Don'ts in a relationshipRELATIONSHIP MATTERS ...

Workflow question: WS - TS relation ? how to identify ...

  1. Relationship Do's and Don'ts
  3. 5 Signs a Long Distance Relationship is NOT for you - YouTube
  4. ts as a relationship progresses - YouTube
  5. DO's and DON'TS in a RELATIONSHIP Motivational Thoughts ...
  6. TS CRM App - customer relation and operational flow management app
  7. Ts Therapy For A Healthy Marriage & Relationship In Family Mufti Menk [Amazing]
  8. The KM TalkShow Episode 1- Do's and Don'ts in a Relationship
  9. Do's and Don'ts in a relationshipRELATIONSHIP MATTERS ...
  10. Relationship dues and don’ts - YouTube

Hey guys,in this video we have highlighted few points which helped us and are also helping us up to date in our relationship. please don't forget to subscribe Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 📌Ts #Therapy For A Healthy #Marriage & #Relationship In #Family #MuftiMenk with #EnglishSubtitle 💓💓💓Ismail Musa Menk was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a student of knowledge trying ... Wassup y'all! Today we are showing y'all how to have the 'perfect relationship', which is us basically telling you guys how to have a good relationship. Inst... Wisewords speak on relationships. Things to do and things you don’t do. Motivational speaker giving my point of view. Speaking about how friends should Inter... Are you wondering if a long distance relationship is for you? In this age of Skyping and texting, it seems that maintaining a long-distance relationship woul... This episode teaches about do's and don'ts in a relationship, what partners should and shouldn't do in order to keep their relationship healthy/stable and gr... How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years - Duration: 41:34. Think Wealthy with Mike Adams Recommended for you Hi everyone, welcome to my channel Motivational Thoughts by eLM. We are in a generation where it’s easy to walk away and just give up. Don’t do that. Be that... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Relationship Do's and Don'ts YouTube; Mix Play all Mix - Corey Scherer YouTube; ROBBERY PRANK!! (HE CALLED THE COPS) - Duration: 13:55. Corey Scherer ...